We're recruiting!

Green-Acres.com, leader in second homes on Internet is recruiting high level students to boost its presence in France and internationally.

You: are looking for a rich experience, you have loads of energy and a job for spare cash is good, but if you could develop your skills, it would be even better!

We: we are a mix of European cultures. The English who move to France, the French to Portugal, Greece for those who like the sea and that is just the start...

Your mother tongue is necessarily that of the country you are applying for. To go further we need a strong strike force to sell our innovative services to real estate agencies. And for this, we need charisma, a chatty attitude, loads of energy, good listening skills and strong in foreign languages. The competition is ferocious. Fortunately our team of geeks is the best we can find and is there to help, so that when you get in the driving seat, everything is in its place.

Vacancies available:

  • Client advisor Italy 6 hrs / week
  • Client advisor Greece 6 hrs / week
  • Client advisor Israel 6 hrs / week
  • Client advisor Russia 6 hrs / week
  • Client advisor Portugal 6 hrs / week
  • Client advisor Spain 12 hrs / week
  • English speaking client advisor 16 hrs / week
  • Salesperson France 16 hrs / week


Paris 13e, 51 rue de l'Amiral-Mouchez, RER B/T3a Cité-Universitaire or M°6 Glacière